The Biggest Mistake Young Parents Make

The experience of becoming a parent is one that has few comparisons.  There is excitement, joy, anticipation and overwhelming emotions that fill every day.  There are new responsibilities and increased time demands that go along with the deep feelings of caring for this new, little life.

Unfortunately, there is one mistake most young parents make and, as a result, there are consequences that follow.   In the excitement of learning to care for a child and integrating a child into your life, you may fail  to think about one of the most important responsibilities of a parent.    Long before a child understands the word “values”, decisions need to be made by his or her parents about what values will be the foundation for the way that child is raised.   What are the most important lessons you want your child to learn?   What is most important in life?    What role will family play in your child’s life?   Who will be your child’s most important role models?   Will your family be a part of a faith community?

Taking time to think about and plan what you most want to teach your child increases the chances that your chid will live out the values you believe are most important.  The early years provide a unique and special window of opportunity for teaching values to your child.   Children are more open to teaching, and they learn more and faster than at any other time in life.

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